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Ordinary people can do 

extraordinary things when they

1) have the right tools and

2) decide to let nothing stop them 

Welcome to the tools.

The Toolbox

Comprehensive Guides

These guides will cover the full range of aspects you’ll need to plan your Walk.  They are yours — feel free to print them out, mess them up, write notes, scribble ideas on them, or just keep them on your computer.


Due: After Steps from Guide 1 Complete
This should be completed once your vision and master plan are complete. By inputting the details of your Walk, this survey will give us all the information we need to create a Walk page on our website and Classy fundraising page for you.
Due: ASAP if not completed
This survey will give us important feedback on how well you’re completing these steps, if you need additional guidance, and how we can best contact you and your team. Get started on those first steps first, and then complete this survey during as soon as possible.

Supplemental Resources

In addition to the guides, we have plenty of other resources that will be helpful along the way.

From templates of posters and flyers to sample budgets, these will all become available as needed. Feel free to request specific resources by emailing us

Instructions to Use:

  1. Click link to access resource​

  2. Click "File"

  3. Select "Make a copy"

  4. Select location for new file in your Google Drive  

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